Essays, commentary, and poetry by longtime colleagues provide a nuanced view of John Udvardy’s work. 

Authors, who are gallerists, curators, artists, art historians, and professors, include Cade Tompkins, Thomas Lyon Mills, Ronald Onorato, Judith Tolnick Champa, Anni Mackay, Varujan Boghosian, and Lasse Antonsen. John Udvardy’s personal memoir, “A Wondrous River,” begins in Elyria, Ohio, and concludes in his studios in Warren, Rhode Island.

Hardcover, 208 pages, 395 color and 55 black-and-white illustrations

cover: Installation view
John Udvardy: Shifted the Rocks and Picked His Way among the Clouds, University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 2011

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